Granby Mine Tailing Piles
Granby, MO US
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There are a few mine tailing piles left near Granby that primarily have hemimorphite (crystals on dolomite crystals) and dolomite crystals left to find. I found galena imbedded in some host rock, small ruby red sphalerite crystals, dogtooth calcite crystals covering a boulder and some other formations that looked weathered but interesting. Most of what is left are a few big rocks which have a lot of weathering. There are occasionally good crystals on the outside worth trying to chop around, or some big boulders which would make some good yard rocks.

I suggest looking for big rocks with mineralization pockets that you can hopefully crack open and find more fresh vugs. I did this and found some fresh hemimorphite crystals on dolomite crystals (pinkish to yellow). The dolomite crystals closed in the cavities still looked weathered, but the hemimorphite was of good quality.
Coming from highway 71 on the southside or west of Neosho, you can take Highway 60 to highway 86 and take a right. Take a left on State Road B (Granby Mines Road) and then a left onto a dirt road called Kentucky Road.

Coming from North take highway 59 and take a left on highway 60 and go to Granby. Go south on State Road B (Granby Mines Road) and then take a right after a few miles onto a dirt road called Kentucky Road.

On Kentucky Road the mine piles are on the north and south of the road after you curve. I only looked on the south side of the road.
GPS Coordinates (lat,long): ( 3653'38.38"N, 9416'14.84"W)
or (36.893994, -94.270788)
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Reference Info: Earth Treasures book
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